Author: elisetroop

Elise Troop is an educator turned self-taught freelance makeup artist from Philadelphia, PA. She is best known for creating the classic smokey eye and enhancing natural beauty. Elise's work has been featured on websites for AJ Crimson Beauty and Aboni Cosmetics. She is also the makeup artist for soul singer, Jaguar Wright. Her background in tv production, fashion and theater all attribute to her aspirations in the beauty industry. Elise is a vlogger at YouTube and Instagram at Elise Troop.




By Elise Troop

Many people think the job of a professional makeup artist is limited to the face. However, when working on photoshoots and production, a great makeup artist should pay close attention to all exposed skin! It makes perfect sense, do what is required for a maximum outcome!  In this photoshoot Mainline Model & Talent Agency, Michelle arrived at the photoshoot in her first outfit; a crop top and mini skirt. Her exposed legs weren’t the issue, but her knees were red. As a professional, I assessed the situation and stopped before the photographer, Carmen of Moda Photography Philly took his first shot. I used a buildable crème foundation because it mimics skin the most and the full coverage completely covered the discoloration. Wahlah, a few seconds with makeup brush, sponge or wedge and you have secured a better selection of shots to choose from on your photo shoot!